Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Circle

Last Saturday was the Summer Solstice, the perfect day to hold the Summer Circle - a seasonal gathering of powerful women here in Denver. I hosted last year's Summer Circle and this year, Carley graciously made her backyard available for the celebration.

There are Circles going on all over the place but this one is led by the powerful force that is Miss Bliss. Rest assured, you have not met anyone like her. Smart, funny and gorgeous, she keeps the Circle rolling along with wisdom and laughter.

Each woman is so incredibly loving and down-to-earth; I'm honored that they include me in these gatherings as they have no idea how important they've become in my life; they help me stay connected to my new state amidst my traveling.

I also love that the girls care enough to get pissed when I make fun of my own advanced age. "GIRL! Knock it off!" yells Bliss, "You're blowing yer cover! Srrrrsly!" The gals are mostly early 30s, some are late 20s - something I easily forget about until they talk about spending three days at one concert and then I think wistfully, "Ah, those were the days ...."

True to tradition, we crafted our asses off and decorated flower pots with paint, glitter and some glue-on bling. Here is the lovely Ginger painting her flower pot with her favorite peaks in mind.

And here is Miss Amy Cobbs who still managed to be artistically brilliant despite a busted wing.

Here is the beautiful Carley, with my canine nephew, Leo. I was at Carley's house the day she brought Leo home as a puppy and he was small enough that I could pick him up like a baby, which I did at every opportunity. He still wiggles his butt with so much joyful intensity, it's downright inspiring. I'm completely mad about this dog AND his mama. (This year's Summer Circle actually hosted four dogs - two big, burly boys and two delicate blonde females. Funny how that always work out, eh?)

More than once, I thought to myself, "Wow, these are like mini-CCWs - all that same girlie lovingkindness but with more spiritual focus and fewer celebrity magazines." Y'see, this is what women are good at (among other things) - connecting. While not all gals can just sit down and open up, I'm always impressed with how safe we feel with one another despite little introduction. My favorite example:

Walking to my office one morning in San Francisco, I noticed a pretty young woman walking past me. Men were checking her out a little more intensely than usual (remember, SAN FRANCISCO, not a ton of heteros running around) and I thought it was odd. It was then I realized that her lovely springtime skirt was entirely see-through and she clearly had no idea.

I felt an overwhelming feeling of protectiveness and quickly fell in line directly behind her so at least 'the view' would be blocked somewhat. As I debated whether or not to confront her, another woman jumped in lock-step with me and said matter-of-factly, "So, are you gonna tell her or should I?" Ultimately, we halted the young girl mid-stride and, using our best Older Sister voices, gently explained her unintended exposure.

As expected, she was mortified and turned bright red. Lockstep Lady offered her a sweater cardigan she could tie around her waist until she got to her office. Poor thing! Damn dressing room lighting never tells the whole story.

I knew how she felt though - the Sisterhood saves my vulnerable ass all the friggin' time. The whole Network - it's like one big cardigan from a stranger. Srrrrsly.

For more Circle photos, go here.


hotdrwife said...

I am so sad that I missed this. But, yes, I agree - the sisterhood is a wonderful thing!

fyrchk said...

That sounds like a wonderful group. These kinds of things are what sisterhood is all about.

ClizBiz said...

HDW: Next time, my dear.

Fyrchk: You'd fit right in, dahling!

Jes said...

This sounds like so much fun! And I love the story about the skirt. Three cheers for the Sisterhood!

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