Sunday, June 15, 2008

Never Say Never

Evidently, the theme of my Colorado experience is to tackle things I assumed I'd never do. Learning the guitar, for example. Singing in public - good Christ, I still can't believe that one. The latest is jogging.

I've often said, "I hate running. If I'm running, look behind me. There is probably a guy with a knife." I'm just too slow and clumsy plus I've got this giant rack that bounces around. I assume it's not pretty.

Well, somehow, I've got it in my brain that Denver's Washington Park jogging path is the only path for me. I even got up early this morning and ran before breakfast. Bizarre behavior for a woman famous for her sleeping-in capabilities.

I blame the State of Colorado. The culture and the climate pretty much insist that her residents be in tip-top shape so you can climb (insert mountain peak here) before noon!

Seriously, I keep waiting for Governor Ritter to knock on my door with a pair of calipers and an assistant bearing a clipboard: "Hmmm, it appears that your Body Fat Index is beyond the allotted amount for all bad ass Coloradans. I'm afraid you'll have to relocate to Kansas by Friday." Then, he'd move on to the next apartment while his super rugged helper would ask me to sign something while giving me a mixed look of pity and contempt.

I've even recruited a cheerleader for my new habit. Sharon is such an old friend that she's like family. She lives in Southern California and is a bad ass in about eight million different ways and one of them is running. Via email, she is giving me tips and says I am inspiring her too. For what, I'm not sure, but all that matters is that we're off and running.


Anonymous said...

Yo HO,
I've had to start the running bit again since the academy is just around the corner and running is pretty much going to be like breathing. I'm proud of your efforts, especially getting up early and doing doubt you are out of character but I know that when in Denver you feel like you are compelled to be active. Consistancy is key.
Happy running!

Kath said...

Man, i must have channeled this post while at work, cause as soon as I got off work I got a new pair of Nike's...first new running shoes I've bought since my last pair in 2001.

While my knees are not runner's knees, I am back to the walking regime tomorrow.

Good luck!

ClizBiz said...

Thanks, ladies! It's summer - makes me want to move my bod. Also, I saw a video of myself .... ummmm. No. No. No. Things got to change.

hotdrwife said...

Oooh, I love the Wash Park for walks/runs/jogs. I used to be an avid go-getter of that latter sort and have been thinking of doing it again. Albeit poorly, but really, it's all about getting out and going.

PS I did Longs Peak once. And that, my friend, is all this "born and raised" Coloradoan is gonna do. Hell to the no.

ClizBiz said...

I have done zero peaks. I am not qualified to live here until I get at least one under my sweaty belt.

Flea's Thoughts said...

I start a boot camp 2nd week in July, where presumably I will be at least a jogger before I leave (don't know about that)!!! Keep me up to date on how you are doing because running is not something I ever saw in my future!

ClizBiz said...

Flea - will do! I ran this morning before breakfast and it was tough but I'll likely do it again. Felt good.

hotdrwife said...

Here's my (sage) advice about doing a peak:


1. Wear good shoes.
2. Conversely, do not make decision to climb the peak (in my case, Long's) after staying up all night and thinking that yes, going to climb at 5 a.m. to see the sunrise would be a BRILLIANT idea - and leave in regular tennis shoes. See above.
3. Bring your camera.
4. Hike with my buddy ElJefe. If you are dying from the altitude or praying for death because your feet hurt assuming you didn't abide by Rule 1, he will make you laugh.
5. In the case of a friend who climbed and had to poo, wipe well or you'll be in trouble on the way down.

Gosh, I have so many helpful insights. I don't know where to stop.

how about ........ now.

ClizBiz said...

Damn. You are USEFUL.