Sunday, February 10, 2008

Close to Home

I did it! I managed to get through the entire month of January without getting on a plane.

I so badly needed to stay put for awhile, which may sound weird to those that know me as a restless wanderer. Sign of settling down perhaps? Growing up? Nesting and all that? I'd sure like to think so - s'about damn time.

Thanks to Gins' strict budget guidelines and little or no social life, my day-to-day has become blissfully mundane. Weekends are spent up at the barn in Indian Hills, sloshing around in the mud and ice, following Beanie around and trying to pick up bits of horse knowledge. My afternoons are spent walking or bicycling around nearby Washington Park, to avoid computer-induced atrophy and mental paralysis.

Lately, we've had some the famous 'Sinter' weather - typical for Denver. Half-winter and half-Spring, a woman jogged by me in shorts yesterday only to pass up another woman in a parka. Same thing today: I noted a man in flip-flops passing a woman in mittens.

Day after tomorrow, I fly again - the usual California jaunt to San Francisco on business and to Long Beach to celebrate Mama Iva's 75th birthday. It'll be nice to visit my homestate and see the loved ones.

I'll miss the snow though. February now looks weird to me without it.


hotdrwife said...

Oooh, "Sinter"! I like it ... here's hoping you have happy travels. I'll have you over soon for some chili and cornbread and beer. How's that? You know, whenever your sweet self is in the state and free. :) xo

ClizBiz said...

You're on, HDW!