Thursday, January 31, 2008

Box of Chocolates, Indeed

I stumbled across this photo today and there's a Forrest Gump quality to it, dontcha think? It's a young pimply Bill Clinton meeting JFK at the American Legion's Boys Nation in 1963.

I'd seen it in a blip many years ago but today, in light of the Kennedy's enthusiastic backing of Obama, it carries an eerie Twilight Zone sensation.


Kath said...

This photo is in Clinton's autobiography.

A great read if you have the time to read.

ClizBiz said...

Hmmmm. Perhaps, later. I'm a bit overdosed on the Clintons at the moment.

hotdrwife said...

In that case, I suggest you read "Soiled Doves" -- all about prostitution primarily here in Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, etc. during the late 1800's. And, a famous madam is buried in the cemetary across from our house. I want to go look for it sometime.

Anyhoo, I'd read it years ago - but it's been fun to re-read.

Fang Bastardson said...

These days Bill just makes me sad. Another reason I'm pulling for Obama is so BC can go back to being post-presidential. As Hillary's attack dog, he really focuses the political opposition like a laser, and we need them split along idealogical lines as they are now if we hope to take back Pennsylvania Avenue in November.

Bring back the Bill Clinton who traveled the world with Poppy Bush helping out the little guy and tsunami survivors. That's a 'fairytale' I can believe in!

ClizBiz said...

I hear ya. Bill is pissing away the good feelings I had of him. I never did get over him lying to me. He should quit while he's behind.