Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards Bows Out

Today, John Edwards announced he is quitting his campaign for President and I'm pretty disappointed. I know all the jokes about his hair and I agree with Fang that perhaps he was a bit too focused on 'corporate fat cats' when we are busy trying to win a war (that he voted for and admittedly regretted).

But, I can't help it, I like the guy. Maybe it's because I met his wife who is freakishly smart. (That's John and Elizabeth at left, on the day they both graduated from law school.) Maybe because it occurred to me during the god-awful Kerry campaign that they had the wrong guy in the front. (BTW: This New York Times shot to me was the defining moment of difference between the two families. Theresa: 'Don't suck on your thumb, darling. We've got an image to uphold here.' and Elizabeth's face that says, 'Keep your grubby ketchup paws off my child. If there weren't witnesses, I'd kick your ass.')

Bottom line is, I really believed that he believed, that he was sincere is his concern for the struggling middle class, the neglected poor and the healthcare crisis facing this country. I feel - and still feel - that he had the potential to be Jimmy Carter with a better haircut.

I told my cousin, Ryan, last night that if I had to vote immediately, it would be Edwards. I met a bunch of folks on the train last weekend who felt the same. Now, I wasn't blind enough to think that he could overcome the Hillary-Obama Machine but I was at least hoping he'd last to Super Tuesday.

On the other hand, this does settle my concerns for his wife. How could he effectively look after Elizabeth as she battles terminal breast cancer while running the country at the same time? Seems like it would have been a lose-lose all the way around, especially for Elizabeth and their kids.

Also, I have to commend his sacrifice to the higher good in today's announcement. He recognized that if he stepped out now, he would do more good to strengthen the party and the remaining candidates rather than staying and splitting votes.

All I can say is, I hope he doesn't go away for good. Thanks to a certain empty-headed dolt and his evil shoulder parrot, the world is a mess and we're gonna need all hands on deck to clean it up.


Mark Dowdy said...

I was sad to see him go too, even though I've always been suspicious of him.

And I've always disagreed with Fang on this anti-corporate stance. We ARE in a war to serve corporate interests, particulary in the form of lucrative contracts to the defense and energy industries (i.e. Bush's base). You can't separate the two.

Rumor has it Obama has offered Edwards the AG post. But the source of this rumor is that slimy toad Robert Novak.

ClizBiz said...

I wouldn't believe this rumor. I don't Obama is stupid enough to start offering jobs when he still has a long way to go.

Still, that would be fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I think many people would have enjoyed watching Elizabeth kick THK's hinder. Heh heh.

ClizBiz said...


hotdrwife said...

I hadn't seen that last picture, but your description of THK is dead-on. I bet they have some pretty lame sex in that house.

Oh yes, I went there.

"But Teresa, I was a waaaaaaaaaaahr hero ..."

See you Sun.

Fang Bastardson said...

Not to worry. If a Dem makes it to the White House next year, Edwards will make a fabulous Secretary of Something Left-Wing. His issues are important ones, I just thought he was myopic in chasing them down. At a cabinet-level gig, I think he could do the country a world of good.

Plus, I just never forgave him for his early and ardent support of the Iraq War. I saw him speak at a Demo state convention at or before the start of the war, and he was practically drooling at the prospect of being on the winning (political) side of a war everybody thought would be over and done with in a couple months, tops. He was at that time roundly and repeatedly booed by the room, and clearly, a lot of us never forgave nor forgot.

But watching him campaign, I grew to like him more and more personally and was also sad to see him to drop out. Didn't think I would be, but there it was. Maybe it was emotional whiplash from Rudy dropping out the same day.

In the end, don't weep for John Edwards. He'll still be around, still fighting for the little guy without being burdened by the additional responsibilities of The Most Impossible Job In The World.

This is a win/win, ultimately.

ClizBiz said...

Thanks for putting it in perspective, Fang. I think you're right - he'll end up in charge of Something Important if the Dems win.