Thursday, November 29, 2007

And Then There Was Nothing

Over Thanksgiving, my family and I ventured out to Green Valley Lake to check on the family's wee ancient cabin. I'm happy to report it still stands but large sections of the little town are gutted by the Slide Fire that had so many folks on edge a few weeks back.

As expected, I took a shit load of pictures but the one above stands out to me the most. One high-placed cul-de-sac, Juniper Lane, every single house was destroyed. This wooden bridgeway once led to a home with a beautiful view of Lake Arrowhead; house is no more but the view remains.

Before we left Long Beach, my brother had made the wry comment, "It'll be another Mass Destruction Family Tour. Ah, just like old times." Indeed, it brought back memories of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath - where once there were buildings, now there is open sky and people's personal belongings are strewn about.

I tried to post more photos but f**king Blogger wouldn't let me and I just want to get this up for now. More to come.


hotdrwife said...

Amazing, just amazing.

Howard said...

Hooray! My powers worked!

Kath said...

Sigh. So very sad.

McSchmoinkles said...

Please put more pictures up when you can.

ClizBiz said...

Yes, Howard. I know. I desperately need to back away from the Blogger.

Rach: Will post more pics when I can.