Monday, November 19, 2007

Legends in the Sky

Heading to California for the Thanksgiving holiday, I flew out of Denver yesterday and the airport was practically deserted. In anticipation of a crowded nightmare, I'd puffed on the peace pipe and left extra early, expecting throngs of travelers all with the same idea. Instead, the terminal was eerily quiet and there was not a single person in the security line, it felt like "The Langoliers."

I kept asking airport employees what the deal was. "Just wait until Tuesday," they'd say, "this place will be a zoo." (Note to self, repeat this flight schedule next year.)

I noted to a United Airlines employee the line-up of snowplows in the parking lot, ready for action. "Maybe they'll be ready this year since last year was such a mess," I said, hopefully.

She shook her head and laughed, "It doesn't matter. They'll never be ready."

Joy-of-Joys: I hugged a Comedy Legend!

Everything about my trip yesterday was charmed. Once I boarded the plane, the flight attendant noted my guitar and brightly offered, "Hey, you can store that in the First Class closet if you want. There should be room." I went up to do so and on my way back, smacked right into Bob Newhart! He's a wee man and even with those signature reading glasses on the nose, I almost overlooked him. My response was so ultra cool:

Bob: "Yes, yes, I am."
Me: "OMIGOSH, that's weird! I've been listening to your old comedy albums for the past two weeks!" (It's true I have. Specifically, an album from the early 60s that I borrowed/stole from my mom on my last visit.)
Bob: (Genuinely surprised.) "Wow, really? My albums? That's great!"
Me: "I feel compelled to hug you, is that okay?"
Bob: "(Laughing) By all means!"

I gave him a good squeeze and cheek kiss and he returned the hug! What a thrill! I then quickly stepped out of the way, found my seat and called Gins to report my Brush With Greatness. (This much I have learned when meeting celebrities - if you cannot control the gush then at least make it quick.)

This is always the fun part about going back to LA - Legends pop up in the weirdest places.


SusanV said...

Oh, deep envy. I LOVE Bob Newhart!

ClizBiz said...

Me too! He was very huggable indeed.

Kath said...

OMG!!! OMG!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bob Newhart. You must be channeling my mind (again) as I used to love to listen to his comedy albums with my Dad and had been thinking of those times over the last two weeks.

Bob Newhart. Bill Dana. Gary Owens (he really cracked my Dad up). Bill Cosby. Funny men then, funny men now.

I am officially jealous :-)

hotdrwife said...

How totally cool!!

And you know you've made a story for him, too.

"There was this woman on the airplane that had just listened to my comedy albums! Amazing!"

You made his year.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Muffin, only you could get away with hugging legendary, iconic celebrities... He doesn't think you're a psycho, no, in fact he hugs you back, and you make him feel awesome becasue you were just litening to his ALBUMS. How awesome are you, and how cute is he!?!? SO cute. I want to squish him. In a good way. Happy turkey day!!!! Love, Twinkles

Mark Dowdy said...

You can bring your guitar on a plane?

I always check it in, and then I have to stalk the baggage carousel in fear of someone lifting it.

Good to know.

And Newhart? Geez, Heather, who haven't you met?

Laurie said...

You were listening to his albums. Of course you were. You are the kismet queen. (Don't steal that, btw...I think I just made up my new blog name on the fly.)

I love you. But you already knew that, I think.

Heidi's heart said...

That is so cool, Heather! Isn't that wonderful that even the great accept hugs from strangers. There is hope for this world.