Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Deep in Dakota - Please Hold

Joy of joys, I am posting from North Dakota, my favorite underdog state. I hit the road last Saturday - me, some snacks and a ton of CDs. MAN, was it a beautiful drive. I always get terribly emotional about my country when I drive across it. Going through Nebraska while listening to "Mercy" by Mary Gauthier and I just started sobbing. Made me realize there's a ton of love behind all my political rage.

So, I've been without cell phone or Internet until just a few minutes ago. I've taken a shitload of gorgeous photos - editing is gonna be hard.

I'm now hanging out with my brother in a motel, watching "Gunsmoke" and eating cheese and crackers. I spent the afternoon making friends with six horses. They looked tough but I came bearing carrots and that was that. Once I gave one a head rub, they all wanted one. JOY.


dre said...

howdy heth,

thinking about ya, checked out your blog, love the twang sounds and enjoyed the dakota picture. talk to ya when you get back love you Dre

ClizBiz said...

Hey Dre! Thanks for the note - always happy to see the outing of a lurker.

Anonymous said...

your brother's hot!!!!! alicia