Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Double Life

My existence is a bit manic as it involves straddling two worlds - my old life in San Francisco and my spanking new life in Denver. As my client insists I show my face in the Bay Area at least once a month, I'm never given a chance to fully miss my fabulous former hometown. I welcome the opportunity to keep in touch but there are moments of confusion so profound that I find myself forgetting where I live.

This afternoon, I had to call my pal, Gins, to ask an important question: "Where do I live? I have a faint memory of moving somewhere, does that ring a bell?"

She reminded me of my Colorado address, the garden, my new friends and the little cat waiting for me to come home. "Okay, yeah, that's what I thought. Just checking," I said.

I've spent the last few days staying at my old apartment (now my cousin's place) and enjoyed a fabulous night on the town (saw Sinead O'Connor at the Davies Symphony Hall) with my former beau. I'm now sitting the in the same office I sat in for years and suddenly, it feels like nothing has changed.

This is good and bad, depending on the day, but it's mostly just plain creepy.


hotdrwife said...

Well, I certainly remember where you reside. It's a left, a right, a left, a right and left, and up the stairs into your humble abode.

Get back already so we can drink and catch up.

Love ya.

Howard said...

Yeah, no getting confused. You LIVE in Denver and ENJOY San Fran.

I mean.... arrrrr!

Kath said...

I hear ya. Went back to the Mothership in Feb and it was surreal for me. Granted, it was the first trip I had made back in a year, which contributed to the surreality (ooh, new word!) of it.

Unlike you, I couldn't wait to flee the swamp that is South FL and come back to Denver...friends...bloggers..HOME.

There really IS no place like home. And yours is in Denver. Feel free to call me if you ever need reminding.


ClizBiz said...

I'm vaklempt! (Sp?)

Thanks for the reminders! Now, I'm homesick. Be home soon.

dino said...

hey, Jen Jen would love to hear from you.

Dino and jen Santillo