Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ladies in Red

One of my favorite Female Guideposts, LMB, is one of the few level-headed, clear-minded, modern-day femininists that actually lets me be myself, instead of like her. Same but different, a philosophy that is somewhat radical in the world of feminism which is why I let her read the fem-blogs for me - so I don't have to.

She's observed that many of the fem-blogs she reads are overtly angry and questions the productivity of it. Her reaction hit on the exact reason why the majority of feminist blogs bore me to death, they are excessively whiny with little room for humor. I love discussions of history, culture, politics and so on but the ongoing "patriarchal society" blahbety-blah is just a big yawner.

There's so much useless ranting that I simply find little value. Also, I've got plenty of anger fatigue already, just in general, as a citizen of Planet Earth so I really don't need to specialize. Perhaps I'm an oddity.

I mean, I tried to read Ms. magazine and I've tried to break it off with Esquire, but neither efforts truly take. I even wrote for and am a faithful subscriber to BUST and BITCH and find those publications highly worthwhile.

At this point in my life, I'm ready to take blame for everything that is not right with my life - no one else. I feel they should do the same.

I'm currently reading "What's Next? - Women Redefining Their Dreams in the Prime of Life" - my pal, Betsey, gave it go me. Though most of it relates back to one's faith (whoops! keep meaning to get one!) I'm finding some of the essay interviews with famous women very enlightening.

Just this morning I read the words of Susan Molinari, former Congresswoman and CBS anchor, author, wife/mother and now, teacher of politics at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, talks about the feminist reaction to her leaving Congress when she was the highest ranking woman in the House:

"There are incredible changes in all our lives. Sometimes we need to stop and ask, 'Do we really know where we are going?' We need to take time to celebrate. And give ourselves a break. Now that we have clout, it won't mean a thing if we don't have a sense of self-respect. People said to me, 'How could she do this to us?' They said, 'You set us back!' We've got to stop eating our own. We need to get self-respect and respect the choices of others."

Amen, sister.

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Fang Bastardson said...

The problem with feminism - as it is with most "isms" - is its adherents. Once you put an "ism" at the end of your philosophy, you've taken the first step to completely losing your perspective on the issue at hand, whatever ism you’re advocating.