Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Killer Vice

While it's all very amusing that little DickieVice has gone and gifted a Texan lawyer with a faceful o'buckshot, the story, much like a true kill, it starting to rot and stink. Unless, the fellow dies - and I am certainly hoping he does not - it's just another keystone cops episode in this administration and it's making me nostalgic.

Remember Ford falling down all those stairs? Or cracks in sidewalks or whatever? It didn't take much. Who can forget Bush Sr. puking in the lap of some foreign dignitary? That's gotta be my favorite. However, I do love Bush Jr. nearly choking to death on a pretzel - it would have been a fitting end for such a monkey of a man.

Because the Veep is actually Montgomery Burns, it's juicy good fun. If this were, say, Ronald Reagan, we'd already have a great one-liner making the rounds, probably something about somebody forgetting to duck. Bob Dole would've given us a real zinger, but no such luck here. We are dealing with a colorless, humorless man whose approval rating clods along at 24 percent and let's face it, Oops-Gate 2006 is just another incredibly easy reason to hate him.

Most of all, we still haven't heard from the one guy who has the most to say about the VP's quail hunting accident: Danforth Quayle himself. Okay, so the man can't spell 'potato' but at least he didn't drag us into unneccessary wars with exaggerations of our impending doom.


Anonymous said...

here's my prediction: the guy dies, Vice Dick resigns, and the new Veep, Jeb, is installed and the machine continues. (Jeb is who Babs and George have groomed for the presidency, and i bet they are *still* scratching their heads as to how Shrub got to Penn Ave.
Valerie L

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Valerie: Have you been talking to my 87 year-old father Michael Kiely? He just told me he thinks the whole shooting is a smokescreen to bring in a new Prez before the next election, so the true evildoers have an incumbent. He says they want to get rid of the lame ducks early.

TK Feldo

ClizBiz said...

It's official! Hunting season on lame ducks has commenced!

Forget wearing the orange vest, fellas, it won't save you!