Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quote of the Week

All business roads lead into China thesse days as they slowly kick our ass and take over the world. As a free market system spreads like wildfire, there are many here who understand the bometh that will rise. We may be America and all that but they are 1/6 of the world, period. And so, during his Asia tour, all awaited how the U.S. President would get along with the Chinse President Hu Jintao. So many could benefit from a strong bridge betweeen and so many lives lay in the hands of these two powerful men.

When a reporter suggested Bush had seemed unenthusiastic in his joint appearance with Hu, the president responded, "Have you ever heard of jet lag?"

Eyes on the ball, as usual, sir!

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EAPrez said...

Love your blog and the original pieces. I'd love to find time to do more original on my own. I'd like to post a link on my blog to yours with your permission.