Thursday, November 03, 2005

Extended Broken-Wing Report

Tonight was a big night for me. Not only did I manage to make own ponytail but I can finally reach my wounded arm around to shave my armpits. Just in time too, for it was starting to feel normal and next thing you know, Bill O'Reilly wouldv'e called for a boycott of me.

As I swung my machete through the thick underbrush, I hummed the "Star-Spangled Banner" and thought how great it is to be an American Woman once again - shiny, smooth and not the least bit natural.

Next week, however, is the big goal: My first professional gig as a photographer! A woman is paying for my trip to NYC to shoot her daughter's bat-mitvah party. I'm hoping that my elbow bends enough to get that all-important index finger up to the shutter button . . . .

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