Monday, November 07, 2005

A Cheery Little Note

Lord, just typing the word "devil" brings to mind the head of Dick Cheney, which is something I'd prefer on a plate.

More on him later.

I've just realized exactly how safe my world is. It faces the back of a baby hospital in the one of the wealthiest neighborhoods (I'm in rent control, people, calm down) in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Because the janitors and nurses are on strike (mostly in the morning, as luck would have it) and these are security-minded times, there is an armed guard at every entrace and exit, sometimes two.

One of these portals faces my apartment. Sporting a long black trenchcoat, leather gloves and the always-present wire, all he has to is stand outside my door and wait for threat to darken my door. If it does, he and twelve of his best buddies are going to put the smack down.

Still, as many of us know, society is just a ruse, a thin menbrane of pretension that we are not just a bunch of apes. I've closely watched apes in the wild and I've been to frat parties; I'm telling you, baseball caps, cell phones and lattes do not make us civilized. Especially as we continue to shit where we eat.

The worst part is, we've always been that way. The current adminstration is just one tiny chapter in several thousand years of short-sighted greed and relentless violence.

This is mainly the reason why I never really bought into the whole "Peace on Earth" business. There will never be peace on Earth until humans have offed themselves completely - it will be quiet then. Still, the sentiment does make awfully nice Christams cards.

OVERHEARD: "People always think it's so romantic that this old couple would still be holding hands but they don't realize it's also to keep one another from falling down."
--heard in the physical therapy room at Sutter Hospital from a 90-year-old woman

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Fang Bastardson said...

The whole "Peace On Earth" business

No, see, the whole "Peace On Earth" business isn't supposed to be an attainable goal, it's supposed to be a distraction from the absurd futility of it all. I tell you, I've sampled some of the other distractions, and peace on earth tastes pretty fucking good by comparison.