Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A New America

Last night, America turned this battered ship around. We got us a brand new clear-eyed Captain and just in the nick of time. These are desperate times and every day's news just brought more woeful headlines. We NEED this. Not to mention the world. Did ya'll feel that rush of wind last night? That was the planet population heaving a gigantic sigh of relief. Blew my papers right off my desk and everything.

I took the above photo from the Obama Campaign Headquarters here in Denver. There was always so much optimism there. Everyone was so focused and so determined to make things right again. Obama's oft-repeated phrase, "This isn't about me, it's about you" is dead-on. Let's face it, he's just one man and he certainly didn't get to the Oval Office on his own. He is certainly not going to be able to clean up the mess by himself so, grab a broom everyone!

After watching the emotional images last night on television, one sticks in my mind. An African-American professor at Howard University in DC standing in front of legions of joyful students. A reporter is trying to get some words out of her and the professor is trying her best but she's simply overcome with emotion. The professor - I don't know her name - looked to be in her early 60s, old enough to remember the painful struggles of the civil rights movement. There are tears streaming down her face and she is completely stunned by the reality of a black man leading her country. She squeaked out a few words, "I ... I ... am ..." but the reporter eventually ran out of airtime and gave up.

I can't even fathom what the African-Americans of this country are feeling today but I do know what I'm feeling: Intense pride and honest-to-God real joy. There is only word for this day: VICTORY.

Postscript: The only thing that bothers me today is the realization is that Simone lived her entire life under the Bush Administration. Truly, that is a horrible reality for anyone - man or beast. Hopefully, she's on the lap of Obama's beloved grandmother somewhere in the heavens and they are pleased and purring.


hotdrwife said...

I keep telling my husband that very same thing: one man can't do it alone. And that picture you took is beautiful, m'dear.

ClizBiz said...

Thanks, HDW! Tell HDH that this is not just about taxes, that it's much bigger than that. He'll probably roll his eyes and spew some factoids but you'll still be right.