Friday, November 28, 2008

Headed Up the Mountain

As recent tradition holds, the Clisby Clan is packing up all the leftovers (an embarrassment in protein and starches, I can assure you) and heading up to the family cabin in Green Valley Lake. This is the very same cabin that nearly burns down every year and also the site of the world-famous Chick Cabin Weekend.

Activities, in no particular order, include:
Board games
Jigsaw puzzles
More eating
- there is an 'Artist Tour' every year, some good stuff

Also, today is the first annual National Day of Listening, put on by Story Corps. I brought my crude little tape recorder so we'll see how many family members I can get to sit still for this. Check it out and see if you can get your mother or brother to talk about their lives. Everyone deserves to be listened to you ... everyone has a story.


Heidi's heart said...

I LOVED the board game I played with your family on Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for all the laughs.

ClizBiz said...

Glad you could join us, Heidi!