Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holding Our Breath

There are hundreds of wildfire headlines but this one from the Riverside Press-Enterprise might be my favorite:

"Green Valley Lake Narrowly Escapes Disaster"

Also, we uncovered some welcome news last night. Many thanks to 'GVLSean' on the SoCal Mountains website who wrote:

"Just got an official 'unofficial' report. My neighbor phoned me and said his friend that works for the GVL water company told him that the homes in the immediate area of Wild Cherry and Fern/Yukon are OK! Specifically, my home is on the corner there and his is on Fern to the west of us and they are OK. I hope this helps some folks."

Since our house is on Wild Cherry, this is huge relief. My brother is ready to celebrate but my mother and I are not convinced. The Slide Fire still surrounds the area and it is 0% contained. It has already destroyed 200 homes and three structures.

In the spirit of puns and bad taste, I'd have to say we are not out of the woods just yet.

Photo Credit of downtown GVL: William Wilson Lewis III, PE

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vlib said...

thanks for the updates, doll. we are all holding our breath.