Monday, October 22, 2007

Fires Rages at Green Valley Lake

"Slide Fire - Green Valley Lake, is burning south-southwest toward Green Valley Lake. The fire is currently 150 acres and is destroying homes."

--Official Site for the San Bernardino County, Disaster Information as of 10/22/07, 7:56:52 p.m.

The Clisby cabin is located here. The site of the annual CCW gathering and home to many family memories since 1958. It could all go up tonight.

This would be a paltry pain compared to those who are fleeing their homes in fear of losing everything. Those poor people, I feel for them. Several have lost their homes already in Malibu and San Diego and god knows where else. It's so dry there and those Santa Ana winds are killer.

Damn, I got the hometown blues watching Southern California burn. It's going to be a long, uncomfortable night.

Update: RimoftheWorld tells me that most of Green Valley is still standing but many homes have burned. Last count, 30 structures are gone in this little mountain village.


susie said...

Oh Heather! I saw this on the news and I can't even speak. I'm totally remembering how dry it was in May and I'm scared for the little cabin in the woods.

Howard said...

Hold on! I'm using my Drew Barrymore powers to make the flames go around the cabin.

What? You needed a laugh.

Seriously though, you're in my thoughts. I hope the memories are allowed to build.

ClizBiz said...

Thanks, guys. Last I heard, 30 homes were gone in this tiny town. Hopefully, Howard/Drew's magical powers will protect Chez Clisby.

Kath said...

This is so sad. Three of my HS buddies are firefighters in this area...I know they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with.

Major suckitude all around. Fingers are crossed for your property and friends.