Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BlogHer Bound!

Tomorrow morning, I head to Chicago where I will meet up with thousands of other lady bloggers for the annual BlogHer Conference. These women are fierce and focused and I'm hoping it rubs off on me.

This is an interesting time to be alive. Bloggers everywhere are a creative intense bunch and they are changing the way we communicate, not to mention sparking the begrudging transformation of traditional media; the world is almost changing faster than it can process. Why, for example, is Word's spellcheck still unfamiliar with the word "blog" and all its incarnations? Get with the program, Bill, it's 2007.

I feel that blogging is so entrenched in our society that when I hear communications professionals say things like, "Yeah, I hear that blogging is the next big thing", I think, "Next? Where the hell have they have they been?" I must be too deeply into it, otherwise, I would not be so stunned when people ask to me to explain what it is.

As for the conference, I plan on being slightly intimidated by the collective power and talent. I still feel very far behind in this realm. Hopefully, I'll learn how to spruce up ClizBiz so that more than two people want to read it. The image of Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz" always comes to mind when I'm fumbling around with html or some other simple function: "Sigh. If I only had a brain."

Here's hoping I return to my blogging chair on Monday with some fresh inspiration and useful tech knowledge cuz right now I feel like a six-foot third grader who has been held back too many times.

Here's to the power of osmosis!


Kath said...

Have a smashing time and hope you find the inspiration you seek.

Regarding your statement "As for the conference, I plan on being slightly intimidated by the collective power and talent"...don't be!

We each bring our unique talents to table that is the internet blogtopia. You definitely have your own 'voice' on these tubes and that is something that no one else can duplicate.

So, going to share and gather new inspiration and ideas and make new friends = good. Intimidated = no way in hell.

To paraphrase from HDW's T-shirt at the POALT, 'No one puts Heather in the corner'.

Have a blast, honey!

hubs said...

if only two people want to read this, then i wonder who the other one is?

ClizBiz said...

Kath: Awwww!

Hubs: Double Awwww!

I'm here now and I'm overwhelmed but ya know what? This helps.