Monday, July 30, 2007

BlogHer '07 Recap

Wow. What just happened? I arrived home from BlogHer ’07 last night and my brain feels like it has been through a wind tunnel of sorts. So much to absorb – my brain was completely rocked.

I've never seen so many powerful, brainy women (and a smattering of guys) in one place – about 800, I’m told. Each with their own laptop and most, with their own blog(s). I interacted with so many of them, each one more creative and articulate than the last. (More photos on Flickr.)

Craft mamas were EVERYWHERE. If there are dominating groups at BlogHer, it goes as follows: Mommy Bloggers, Food Bloggers and Craft Bloggers. I find this charming and hilarious - we basically still have the same interests (plus a few thousand more) as a 1950s housewife except now we've got tattoos, laptops, voices and, best of all, choices. Nice work, ladies. Keep those knitting needles sharp ...

Some favorite quotes:

"From now on, assume that everyone is press," Elisa, Lisa and Jory, founders of BlogHer, kicking off the conference

“Being passionate 24 hours a day is exhausting,” – Claire Blaustein from

“Keeping a blog is like having a child, it must be fed,”
– Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic Presidential candidate, John Edwards

“I like being a blog husband,” – John “Fletch” Fletcher

“Tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes,” –t-shirt on man walking around Navy Pier

“I was naked … once,”
–Liz Strauss, interjecting in a discussion on how quickly women disrobe in front of one another

“Don’t be scared of the Site Meter,”
– Ree, "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman"

“It’s my world too!” – Elizabeth Edwards, responding to my "Thanks for attending" remark.


susie said...

Elizabeth Edwards as in wife of the presidential candidate with the $400 haircut?

Did you happen to see Dooce or Finslippy or Mimi Smartypants. They're my favorite mommy bloggers.

I think it's very fun that you went to play here.

ClizBiz said...

That very same lady. She is smart as a whip. I think I have a little girlie crush on her.

I'm pretty sure all those you mentioned were there - Amy Sedaris too. It definitely felt like the Popular Kids Party.

Pioneer Woman said...

Just wanted to say it was great meeting you last Thursday! You're funny and smart.
Blogher was great, I thought. Positive, energetic, etc.
Thanks for the great conversation---it was the perfect start to my weekend.

Flea's Thoughts said...

How fantastic!!! It sounds like it was an event to remember :0) I love Elizabeth Edwards...she is smart and quick on her feet!!!

rosie said...

I've read so much about BlogHer today it almost feels like I was there...almost.

Amy Sedaris rules! Her presence alone would have completely made it for me. Speaking of popular kids party, did you think it was too cliqueish or just right?

ClizBiz said...

PioneerWoman: Thanks so much for the kind words. Truly, you made my day.

Flea: Amen to that - I dig EE. I am fretfully worried about her health. She coughed a few times and I could feel my nerves tense up ...

Rosie: Girl, you have to go next year! I didn't feel the cliques because I went alone, without knowing anyone, and left with a ton of new friends. It was super easy to start-up conversations - we were all there for the same reason.

Karl said...

Ha, I was the guy with the t-shirt in question. Thought it'd help break the ice with all those women around.