Thursday, June 14, 2007

Allow me to brag for a moment ...

My good friend, Tony Dokoupil, wrote today's lead story on Some interesting legal troubles/free movie promotions for Michael Moore's new film which focuses on the broken American healthcare system, appropriately entitled, "Sicko."

I met Tony when he was an intern at my company a few years ago, just after his graduation from George Washington University, where he was the valedictorian and a star baseball player. For some odd reason, he decided that I was interesting enough to speak to. Meanwhile, all the women in the office - starved from a diet of each other and gay men - tried to figure out the best way to seduce the new Hot Young Thing.

Truth was, Tony just wanted to talk about writing and writers, words and books. I'd give him random assignments ("Give me 500 words on an emotion - any emotion. Have it on my desk by Monday morning.") so he could practice. It was a joy. His talent grew by leaps and bounds and well, he's arrived!

Anyway, I'm busting my pride seams today like a mother hen and had to squawk about it so ....



Howard said...

Ahhhh! That scared me. I thought I was being attacked by a raven.

Congrats to you and your padawan.

Anonymous said...

Was I "knighted as a journalist" when we you got us back stage at the Long Beach Blues Festival???? Guess there weren't any political restrictions, were there?

Jeff Healey didn't mind. "I'm a writer, and she's a firefighter!"

You are a documented mentor.


ClizBiz said...

We are all mentors, my child.


How'd that sound? Didja buy it?