Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The National Disgrace Continues

Just when you think the First Monkey can't possibly be more publicly revealed as the naked emperor he truly is, we get more evidence. Yes, I'm talking about yet another example of Katrina buffoonery as revealed by the AP.

Never questioning, never worrying - I mean, the man was on vacation for godsakes! What could be expected of him? Sure, God may have told him that he was chosen to be President but maybe he and God weren't as close lately, otherwise, He would not keep sending these pesky natural challenges to fog up George's work life. Perhaps they got into an argument and God is miffed? George probably said the wrong thing - that is his specialty.

Y'know, despite all the mountain biking and jogging, George really seems more of an indoor kinda guy. Things make sense indoors and there's more likely to be other human types to explain things so he doesn't have to ask even one single question just to be sure. Why bother being sure when there are other people who do that so much better?

The photo here was taken along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi over the holidays. I would bet a leaking FEMA trailer that these appliances are still hanging in the wind. As I mentioned, it is like this everywhere, for miles and miles and miles. Yes, I know that New Orleans is getting a lot more press these days but remember, this is much bigger area than a city. I'm talking about a region.

Federal disaster declarations blanketed 90,000 square miles of the United States, an area almost as large as the United Kingdom! Causing $72 billion in damages, this is the costliest cyclone of all time and, at last count, 1,420 were confirmed dead.

Between the unneccessary war in Iraq and the pointless loss of life in the South, George's legacy will be the spilled blood of these Americans. He has now killed far more of my fellow countrymen than Osama bin Laden ever did.

The only thing that comforts me is knowing that this will be his presidential legacy and his raving, murderous, incredibly infantile ego will be remembered as accurately as possible. I may regret this post tomorrow but tonight, I am filled with a deep rage and a loathing that is not found burrowed deep within me, rather, it sits there on the shelf, every day, as I hang my head in shame that my country I love so much is being led by an ignorant man-child with no sense of our place in the world.

I can't think of what pains me more - the knowledge that we have he and Dick "Buckshot" Cheney for three more years or that hurricane season is coming in four months and we still haven't cleaned up after the last one. Either way, there is more disaster to come.

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