Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Perspective From Home

It's amazing how quickly my eyes adapted to seeing smashed buildings and houses cracked wide open like eggs. Walking to the bus this morning, I marveled at everything on my street - intact and apparently sturdy. I now know better.

Wood, metal, concrete - the materials that house our lives always seemed so solid. Still, they are no match for air and water, two elements that when rousted, match the fury of a woman wronged.

I was impressed with the spirit of Southerners in the face of an impossible mess. Some of my favorite quotes included the optimism of a man named Kenny who recalled optimistically, "Well, my house wasn't too far from where it originally was."

Another favorite came from MaryAnn as we observed the open half of a home in Gulfport. "Well, they needed to redecorate anyway . . . I mean, look at that wallpaper!"

Also, in the face of such hard times, the appearance of Xmas decorations, even in the mud. I will post photos once I figure out how to do that. I took 12 rolls as it was hard to stop and impossible to capture.

Well, I'm off to the emergency room, once again. My back is in excrutiating pain. Perhaps I should start picking up my mail there?

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trillwing said...

Argh. Sorry to hear about your back! Get better soon, OK?

But I can't wait to see those photos. . .