Monday, January 16, 2006

Evidence That This Century Won't Be Like The Last

Tonight, I learned that my father, Bob, a Republican cowboy character from South Dakota has a very deep admiration for Queen Latifah, a serious crush on Jennifer Lopez and has started watching "The View."

Um . . . I'm not sure where to start here but I think this might be Progress.

He understands that Queen may have had another career before she became an actress but he has no idea what it is. I try to explain "rap" and her place in its history but he has just one question, "Rap. Is that music?"

As for his beloved J-Lo, he's not sure about all the fuss over her famous butt, he likes her face. Other than "Galaxy Quest" (a movie we watch together annually,) his favorites movies are "The Wedding Planner" and "Maid in Manhattan." When his wife, Shirley, told him that Ms. Lopez has a singing career as well, he couldn't believe it. I then added that her showbiz career started as a dancer and he gasped, "Boy, what a talent!"

Meanwhile, the latest knowledge he's gleaned from the View gals have something to do with asexuals who have organized. My father, a lusty individual if ever there was one, marveled over these people who had no interest in sex. Furthermore, he tried to understand why they would want to get together and have people know about their strange condition. I offer that maybe they can offer one another support or maybe to create a safe atmosphere where no passes will be made. Or maybe they just want their own clubhouse.

"Hmmmm. I s'pose."

Parents. You do the best you can and try to protect them but inevitably they eat a bowl of that wild pop culture stew and the questions start. They hear things on the golf course, pick up a phrase here and there at the Early Bird dinners and the next thing you know, they've joined the Snoop Dogg fan club.

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