Monday, January 23, 2006

Feminism in a Nap-Based Society

It's post-lunch here in Corporate America and, as usual, I'm craving that nap that never comes. Sure, there's the one time back in December '04 that I slept off a few late-night martinis behind my file drawer (George Constanza would've been so impressed!) but as a rule, corporate-approved naps are mere daydreams.

Across the pond, however, a different scenario is playing out; Spain's famously easygoing siesta is burdening working moms. Seems the daily "enforced idleness," a holdover from their formerly agrarian society, is not meshing so well with modern careers. Bosses are clinging to the siesta, which keeps workers at the office longer, which means less time for kids to be with their parents. The government passed a "quality of life" law but it has yet to take hold. The article declares, "Anti-siesta campaigners say what's needed is a feminist-led revolution."

Perhaps we can ship all the anti-burlesque femininsts over to Spain? I'm sure they could make some fabulous progress stamping out those pesky nationally-induced naps.

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