Thursday, February 09, 2012


Though my life is so fun and cushy, it's almost embarrassing, there are a few big pieces missing. Namely, a dog. Beyond my childhood family dog, Frisky (known officially as 'The Horniest Dog That Ever Lived'), I have not had a canine companion to call my own. Sad, no? 

Where we live now, the landlords asked us not have a dog to protect all the hardwood floors in the home. I can understand this, but it doesn't mean I like it.

As a result, I'm forced to develop relationships with other people's dogs and pour gobs of love into them whenever I can. One such dog is Matisse, pictured above with me last fall. She belongs to my neighbors, Helen and Annika, and every so often, I get her all to myself. (Matisse is shared by Helen and her ex, so I get her when she's on this side of town - when Helen is at work and Annika at school.)

When we see each other, there's is a lot of whining and moaning from both parties. I generally take her with me to nearby Sloan's Lake, where we jog, walk, sniff things or roll around in the snow together. At least one of us also gets to pick up poop! Sometimes, I even take her off-lease (gasp!) because she's so adamant about sticking close by and is a terrific pace-setter.

Though I've been an animal lover all my life, I'm still astounded at how much my heart expands during my time with Matisse. We both get so much out of it and I'm quite proud how much of her black hair can be found inside my truck.

Maybe someday soon I'll have my own doggie to get dirty with but until then, Matisse is my best canine friend. 

And yes, that may be the dorkiest thing I have ever posted here in this space. I am getting more and more sappy each year so expect more of the same....

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