Thursday, October 01, 2009

Two Great Snouts

I've been catching up with old friends right and left. All those big projects I brought with me? The ones I was going to complete with all my 'free time?' Yeah, I haven't touched 'em.

Instead, I've been visiting friends who have cute dogs. These are the kind of dogs that jump into my lap and make me want to sneak them in my purse, like Sophia here. She lives in Upland with three other dogs, six cats, my friend, Andrea, her husband, Barry, and two awesome teenagers. I kinda fell for her even though she was wearing a sweater.

This here is Rasputin, a cutie pie that hangs out with my friend, Heidi. He is a wonderful character and it's fun watching Heidi make scrunchy pet owner faces that I've never seen her make before.

I can't wait to meet my dog, wherever he or she might be. Sigh.

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Heidi's heart said...

Aw, I'm with the little Rasputin right now! When I got home from the hospital, I laid down, and the little guy curled up against my side, cupped in my arm. Yes, you should get a dog, Heather! One of the best things I ever did.