Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long-Time Supporter Explodes

Sure, I got me a fancy office chair but a girl like me needs all the support she can get. And so, for the past 3+ years, I've put several old friends into action.

As I may have mentioned before, I'm not much of a consumer. Unless it's entertainment, food, booze or travel, I'm unlikely to pay for it. Especially if it has any practical uses.

My former college roomie, Laurianna, once visited me from Albuqurque and commented on my cooking skills. "I see you've learned a few things since college," she said, making me glow inside. "But you are still using the same pans and some of these puppies are dangerous." She held up one or two pans that had deep scrapes in them, the protective 'coating' long gone.

"Girlfriend, you need to buy yourself some new pans," she sternly advised. I nodded in full agreement.

Weeks later, a huge box was delivered to my door. In it, a full set of cooking pans and utensils. It was from Laurianna and the note read: "You need these and I KNOW YOU - you will never make the purchase yourself."

It's a great thing to have a friend that knows you so well and yet, loves you anyway.

ANYHOO, I acquired three pillows in 1997 when my San Francisco roomie, Michelle, moved out. They are not pretty so I'd kept them for practical purposes only. One a drab green, another a dirty maroon and the last a psychotic mix of the two colors.

For my entire Colorado life, the maroon pillow has served has my steady back support at ClizBiz Inc. It has held me up through numerous late-night conference calls with China, given me comfort through long editing sessions and selflessly provided bouncy support during various blogging episodes.

Sometime last week, it gave out. Actually, it exploded. I walked in one day and pillow guts were everywhere. Coarse white stuffing lay down around the chair, pillow seams opened like a murder victim's throat. If only I'd had crime scene tape ... oh, it was awful.

I've decided to keep using it until all the stuffing has exited the pillow, which should be sometime next week. Then I will discard the shell and can safely state: "I wore this pillow OUT.'


Lisa said...

You remind me of my dad who purposely kept his mattress for 50 years because it had a 50-year warranty. Even though the springs were popping out and poking him in the back, when he got rid of it he could proudly say "That mattress lasted for 50 years"

ClizBiz said...

LOL! Yes, I do believe that Dick Edwards and I are kindred spirits. In past lives, we suffered through the Great Depression together. I think the term is 'scrappy.'

Laurianna said...

That picture of that pillow was awesome yet, very tragic. I have never heard, nor seen anything like it. Like it's internal "pillow gas" got to the boiling point and exploded! Amazing. Guess I know what is next on the list!