Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Getting Scary Out There

It's frightening enough just watching the American Empire implode due to our own greed. But evidently, deep-seated economic fears are worldwide. Yesterday, a bunch of laid off workers killed a CEO in India when he'd gathered a meeting to discuss options. As reported by TimesOnline:

"Lalit Kishore Choudhary, 47, the head of the Indian operations of Graziano Transmissioni, a manufacturer of car parts that has its headquarters in Italy, died of severe head wounds on Monday after being attacked by scores of laid-off employees, police said. The incident, in Greater Noida, followed a long-running dispute between the factory’s management and workers demanding better pay and permanent contracts.

It is understood that Mr Choudhary, who was married with one son, had called a meeting with more than a hundred former employees who had been dismissed after an earlier outbreak of violence at the plant. He wanted to discuss a possible reinstatement deal."

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