Friday, May 25, 2007

A New Challenge

I leave in about three minutes for a four-day trip on the Gunnison River. Last time, I was on a river it was a Level 5 on the Zambezi in Africa. Some Kiwi yelled, "Let's have us a flipping competition!" and we did. I think we won though I did have to be resuscitated but the very same Kiwi. There's a great photo of my legs in the air - I'll have to dig that up.

Speaking of photos, I face a bigger challenge than staying above water. Today, I debuted as BlogHer's new Photography Contributing Editor. Not sure they have completely thought through that decision but I'm perfectly thrilled by the idea. This comes at an ideal time - a new season, a new state, a new camera. I was planning to educate myself in private but it looks like no chance for that. I blame Trillwing.


Mark Dowdy said...

Chiz --

You're on the road more than Bob Dylan. And he's running away from demons. What's your excuse?

Kath said...

WTG, Heather!

Yet ANOTHER example of blogs being good for you! Both literally and figuratively!

hotdrwife said...

Have a blast on the water this weekend! I lost my class ring in that river. If you see it, hook me up - will ya? :)


ClizBiz said...

Dowdy - I have my own set of demons, as you know, and they go too.

Kath - Amen, sister!

HDW - Sorry, no luck. You should come with me next time and we'll look together.