Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Idle At Last

God knows what I've been doing lately but it hasn't left much time for posting here. Here's a shot of me trying to steal a military helicopter last week. I like to collect them, along with federal restraining orders.

Last week's Work assignment was crazy and I'm so glad/sad it is over. When family and friends ask what I do, I'm never sure what to say. I try to be generic: "I introduce important people to other important people and let the magic happen." This explanation often begs further details and when I oblige their eyes glaze over and they ask if I have any snacks in the house. I wish it could be simpler: "I write" or "I tell stories" would be my favorite answers to give but blogging and spinning yarns do not offer health insurance, last time I checked.


Howard said...

Will be missing you tonight!

Susie said...

I quite like the pic of you in profile in the cockpit with the light picking up the color of your hair. It's a very thoughtful portrait in a very strange place. That looks like Mira Mar. I think what you do is very interesting, but I'd still want to know what snacks you've got.

See you Sat.

Kath said...

Use the old line ' I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you'.

Works every time.

cj said...

so, you're a social engineer? i get much the same reaction when i explain what i do.

Anonymous said...

How the hell did you end up on a H-53? You are absolutley right on it being "idle at last" as the AF has retired them. Jim originally flew in 53's the first part of his career....they were the "work horse" of special operations. The AF hasn't found a suitable repacement and rumor has it that they will be back, new and improved. Glad to see you got a taste of what he did, and one of the many aircraft I deal with in my job. It is an awesome bird.