Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Beautiful Day in America

So many work deadlines are staring me down right now but it's nearly impossible to focus. How can I when it looks like it may be the The Beginning of the End of the Nightmare? It feels like Christmas morning and Jesus Claus was especially generous.

First off, Rummy goes down!!!! Woo-hoo! That only took six years of one abysmal failure after another. In this morning's press conference, Bush was unusually candid. A reporter asked him why he was so steadfast in his support of him a week ago and Bush responded, "That was before the election."


The most interesting stuff I've read this morning was about how the world is carefully watching. One story described pubs-goers Europe all glued to the TV, watching the returns. It's hard to picture us, as a nation, giving a rat's ass about another country's political outcome, especially in a bar, when a perfectly good football game could be on.

The Dems are sweeping away control of the House and possibly the Senate, though we are still awaiting word from the Virginia race. This was more or less predicted but even Bush admits that Republicans got a serious "thumpin'" in yesterday's mid-term elections. I'm doing a jig right now, can ya feel it?

Nancy Pelosi, first female Speaker of Da House! Oh, yeah! This is where I can't help myself, as a fellow California native chick, to contain my pride. Nancy is terrific and she's perfect for the job – she never shuts up. In celebration, I'm running topless around my mother's house while my ovaries and I sing, "I'm Just a Girl." All manners befitting a victorious lady will come later, if I calm down.

Meanwhile, I understand that my absentee ballot in Colorado has yet to be counted due to some tech glitch. Wtf, people? If I can get board a plane through a touch screen without ever speaking to anyone, what is the problem here with voting? More importantly, why is there no involvement from Silicon Valley on this issue? Maybe that will be my new drum beat since I am dealing with these folks anyway.

In a sad bit of news, Colorado and I don't see eye-to-eye on some important issues such as gay marriage and marijuana possession. Fine. I guess I'll launch my stoner lesbian wedding party in some underground club and send a special invite to James Dobson and his Focus on the Family goons just down the road.

I am still getting used to the curious mix of liberal/conservative thing here in Colorado. I have liked it so far - preaching to the choir gets old - but passing of similar measures has been taken for granted in California. I came from the town where the hot, hetero mayor sparked national controversy by letting gay couples marry. He was widely criticized for it but I was deeply proud of the move, still am. They told him it would kill his chances of ever running for the U.S. Presidency and he just laughed.

I look forward to the day when we look back and wince in remembering that we treated our fellow Americans as second-class citizens because they were different. Seats on the bus, separate drinking fountains, voting rights … the right to marry – these exclusions were, and are, shameful and cast the only shadow on an otherwise beautiful day in American history.

Now then, where can I get some good bud?

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Anonymous said...

"...running topless around my mother's house while my ovaries and I sing, "I'm Just a Girl."

That is the funniest thing I've read all week! Thank you!

There was a great headline over at Pam's House Blend that said, "Great Election Night... unless you're a gay pothead."