Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Bare Essentials

Narrow it down, whittling my Queendom of Crap to more of a tiny hamlet called Crapville, I consider what items I will need with me beyond clothes for nearly two weeks in Southern California.

To help me decide, I've designated a stark white empty shelf in the living room and have gradually begun to put things there, only the essentials allowed. I'll try and limit myself to 10 items so this could be tough. Each thing should be thought about with great care but after birthing the idea, I had some initial reactions.

The first item, a Master Key Chain: Apartment, mail, truck, cabin. Number Two, a digital camera - this is going to be an adventure, after all. The Third, a piece of decorated shiny cardboard that says: "This is a new day, one that I have never lived before. I stay in the Now and enjoy each and every moment."

That should be enough for now.

1 comment:

Fang Bastardson said...

I have a suggestion: One of your ten items should be a big box full of hundreds of smaller items, mostly CDs and bottles of wine.

My attorney assures me this trick works for Ten-Best lists as well as for three wishes granted by genies in bottles.