Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Hump Dance

Home sick today trying to deal with all the many, many things I've said "Yes!" to, I realize I'm about 30 posts behind in this space. To placate ya'll, please enjoy Boudreaux's rendition of The Hump Dance.

At least once a day, possibly more, he picks up a blanket or, in this case, a scarf in his mouth and does this erotic dance in circles. Dude goes into a sex trance as he rotates and his kitty brain travels to somewhere much more sexy than our living room. Yes, he's been fixed and is definitely a virgin so it's a bit sad. Kirk gets freaked out by it - I find it fascinating.

I taped this while doing yoga, ironically, the "cat pose."


1 comment:

hotdrwife said...

That ... is hysterical. Turn on some Barry White for the cat, man.