Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Ask

Strange phenomena going on over here. Seems that nearly everything I ask The Universe for lately not only arrives in my life but tends to come out of nowhere, often dropping from the sky. Case in point: Despite the very frustrating Southern California-style 'winter' we are having here in Denver, I specifically requested snow for my birthday last Friday and Ta Da!

I was indulged by the Snow Gods and by 3 p.m. it was all gone. Now we're back to sunny 60 degree days. Blech.

Meanwhile, Kirk and I have pondered what to do with the massive blank wall in our dining area. "I see a big ass chalkboard there," I said.  "For ideating and shit."

"You mean, like a big white board?"

"No! A CHALK board - the sound, the smell, the sound. All of it. The whole childhood tactile experience." 

"Okay. I'm on it." 

So Kirk, resourceful as ever, went online and found us a 4' x 8' chalkboard for FREE from a wee church in Castle Rock. In fact, as we loaded it into the back of my truck, the church guy asked, "I have another one - want that one too?" (Um, no, one is enough.) Our fabulous new chalkboard was a big hit at our recent Festivus party:

Also, while we were picking up the chalkboard, we came across an incredible situation that I could not walk away from. Perusing The Barn across from the church, I discovered a beautiful leather chair with a horse head stitched in the back. When I looked upon it, I could only thing one thing: MINE.

Then, I realized it came with a matching sleeper sofa - both from the 1940s. Then I saw the price $249! Which included both pieces plus an end table and coffee table.

Talking with Larry, The Barn owner, he explained that the set had just arrived the day before. It was brought in by the family that had originally purchased it when it was new. As a goodwill gesture, Larry knocked the price down and I walked away with all four pieces for a clean $200.


Finally, my other birthday request to obtain some horse slobber on my person. I visited my pal, Noodle, and when he saw me turn the corner, he did two straight-up leaps (cats are not the only animals who can project vertically), one buck and a loud fart. All together, that's a very big horse compliment.

It's not so much me that he was excited about but he knew I came bearing carrots and that I'd be turning him out so he could let off even more steam. After removing his blanket and giant rubber donut thingy that supporting his sore ankle, we headed for the big arena. Barely in the gate and VROOM! He took off, halter and all. He zoomed around, bucking and farting, until he finally came to me to remove the halter.

After he'd worked off some aggression, rolled a couple of times and searched all my pockets for extra carrots, I shot this quick video.

I think 45 is starting out on the right hoof....


Kristen said...

That is one good looking living room set!

hotdrwife said...

HDH kept saying about that chair, "Oh my gosh! I haven't seen one of those since I was kid! That's awesome!". I meant to ask you that night where you got it, but now I know!

LOVE the chalkboard.


Heidi's heart said...

Isn't that beautiful when manifestation works! That is going to be my first question upon entering the afterlife: Why does it work so wonderfully sometimes and doesn't work worth shit other times? That's a big mystery to me. But I'm glad to hear you're in the groove. Of course, I received the best Christmas gift ever--a new kidney and a chance at life.