Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Not Here Right Now - Please Leave A Message

Photo by Reid Kirkpatrick
Here's me dancing in a disco fog at the incredibly fun Wild Ivories last Friday night. The image from the dueling piano bar aptly explains my mental whereabouts lately. I'm happily reclining on a cloud of serious disconnection. Not sure if it's age or just fatigue with the world and all its problems but I'm skating dangerously close to apathy - not like me at all.


hotdrwife said...

Hey Cliz, it's HDW. Just wanted to say how much I adore the living shit out of you and miss your face!! We should get together for drinks and laughs. Maybe a reunion at a certain bar on Colfax with a certain jaunt across to the street to laugh at 'the unmentionables'? Just a thought.

So ... I love you and better shut up now, before your vm cuts me off.

Love you.

ClizBiz said...

Hey Lady - Thanks for the sweet message. A drink would be nice indeed.