Friday, May 28, 2010

Slimming Down...Musically

In an effort to reduce the ridiculous amount of CDs in my possession, I recently came up with a system. Grab 5 CDs a day from my carefully alphabetized arrangement and burn them all into iTunes. Then, extract one for The Box, slated for parts unknown. My collection has now been reduced by one-fifth ... victory!

I took a load yesterday to SecondSpin, a nearby music story that buys/sell CDs, DVDs, albums, whatever ya got. Of the 30+ CDs I brought, they only bought 12. Hmph. If I want this kind of snobbery rejection, I'll go to Buffalo Exhange, thanksverymuch!

Anyhoo, I ultimately opted for store credit instead of cash ('cause you get more $$ and I'm a greedy junkie for more music) and walked away with a 3-disc set: "Led Zeppelin: Remasters" - HELL YES. I'm trying to fill in the embarrassing gaps in my music collection with contains plenty of obscure genuises but lacks some key classics, including Rolling Stones and Beatles. I know, I know - I don't know how it happened either.

Hanging with the girls last night at Angela's new pad, I presented my rejects, which seems so quaint now in a digitized world. To my great delight, each girl walked away with a musical treat. Angela got some Stevie Ray Vaughan ("The Sky is Crying"), Carley got a bootleg copy of a live performance of Stevie Ray Vaughan with Buddy Guy and Amy ended up with Red Hot Chili Peppers classic, "What Hits?!?"

Nice to have the music live on. Now, what should I do with all these cassettes?


Heidi's heart said...

You are so right about Buffalo Exchange.

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