Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LA Bound

After all my recent Boulder immersion, I'm craving the shallow, smoggy world of Los Angeles where the women are easy and the men are armed ....

Okay, not really. But it sounds a lot cooler than, "I miss my mommy!" Y'see, it's Mama Iva's birthday on Saturday and I'd rather she spent it with me 'cause I'm thoughtful that way. We're also going to check in on the desert cabin, just to make sure nobody's living in it.

I'm also dragging Reid along for the ride. He passed through LA back in the 70s but really has no idea what it's about. It'll be fun to show him around. The man has got the world's best LA tour guide (me) and the world's best hostess (Mama Iva) making him the luckiest man ever to visit the Southland.

I sure hope all the smogs clears up by tomorrow ...

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