Sunday, January 31, 2010

Serac's Free Film Festival

Monday night, my pals at Serac Adventure Film School are putting on their first student film festival at the Colorado Mountain Center in Golden. I may have helped a wee bit with this but the staff and the students do all the hard work.

These films were put together over the last week by a group of crazy filmmakers cross-country skiing through Colorado's backcountry. Led by Serac Founder Michael Brown and Serac Adventure Film School Head, Ryan Ross, these students quickly find out what they are made of and entertaining stories are naturally born.

Serac's free shindig starts at 7:00 p.m - hope all you Colorado folks can make it!

Also, I re-screen Michael's amazing 2003 documentary, "Farther Than The Eye Can See", over the weekend and was blown away all over again. Michael expertly captured the noble struggles of a blind man, Erik Weihenmayer, in climbing Mt. Everest while illustrating the persistent spirit of climbing in general. The cinematography is jaw-dropping and the emotions sock you in the heart; an unforgettable film...climbing experience not necessary.

Meanwhile, on Friday, I floated around the SIA Snow Show - moved to Denver after 37 years in Las Vegas. Lots of fashion and fancy energy bars but here's the best thing I found, an indoor demo of the latest fun way to hurt yourself - mountain boarding!:

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