Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Return to the Southland

After a fantabulous weekend with my beautiful stepsister, Julie (who is cancer-free!), I find myself heading once again down to LA. Mama Iva had a successful heart valve surgery and the family is taking shifts as part of her Recovery Team.

I'm quite anxious to see her but also nervous about being house-bound for two weeks. I'm bringing along a few projects, plus my guitar. Perhaps my serenading will make her wish she was back in ICU.

Surely, I'll miss my garden, my friends, my cubby-hole apartment and the arrival of another gorgeous new season in Colorado. Every time I leave this state, it gets harder and harder to board that plane.


hotdrwife said...

Right on! I'm glad Julie is free o' that nasty cancer.

Have a safe trip!

Hurry home.

Let's get together when you return.

Susan J. Richards said...


You have a photo of Eli Manning, on your Flickr acct.. That I would love to paint!

I am an artist who lives in Water Valley, which is near Oxford, MS, where Eli went to school. I have been looking for some photos of him that I could get permission to paint, without worrying about the copyright. Things relating to him or Old Miss, seem to be big sellers around here, and I need to sell some things.

I was wondering, if this was your personal photo, if you would mind if I painted it? I appreciate your consideration.

Susan J. Richards

Xa said...

So glad to hear that your step-sister is cancer-free! Big hugs as you head home to help your mom get back to health.

ClizBiz said...

Hey Susan! I would be honored to have you paint my photo of Eli Manning that I took at the Kentucky Derby this year. Can you take a photo when you are done and send it to me? clizbiz@gmail.com.

It would be thrilling to see your finished portrait. Such fun!

Thanks for asking, you are too kind.


Susan J. Richards said...

Thank you very much, Heather!! I really appreciate it!!