Monday, April 10, 2006

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's . . . Love?

Okay, time to fess up.

Any regular reader of this space - and you could probably all fit into my bathroom - may have noticed that the posts have been less frequent lately. It just so happens I have an excellent reason for that, the best excuse I could possibly hope for.

I've fallen in love.

Not the kind of love that grows over time, after many dates and then, one day, dawns on you. No, this is more like walking down the street minding your own business when suddenly a chiseled caped hero flies down from the sky, lands in front of you, shoots powerful laser beams out of his perfect blue eyeballs and then whisks you away with him, up into the sky. You think about saying something appropriate like, "Hi, my name is ______" but instead you just mumble something about the incredible view. The air gets thinner. You are not used to being this high up. You pass out.

When you wake up, he's still there and now you are addicted to the laser beams. Resistance is futile.

Mere days later, you find yourself standing in a forest watching him kiss your fingers. Suddenly, your airtight plans for a new life in Austin, Texas seem irrelevant. You've spent maybe 15 hours with this incredible Man and when he asks you to move to Denver - a place you've never been - you can only ask, "Colorado. That's one of the square ones, right?" Happily, willingly, you agree it’s the best idea in the world and then you remember the date:

It’s April Fool’s Day.

It may just prove be my smartest decision yet.

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Stil vomiting...