Friday, December 16, 2005

Goodbye Youth!

Yup. Last day of being in my 30s and I find myself pretty unemotional about it. This is the first year I've heard "40 is the new 30" so, if nothing else, my timing is impeccable.

George Carlin was recently asked about his age and he had this response:

"There were handicaps to being 10, there were handicaps to being 40, but the richness of memory, the richness of acquired and accumulated experience and wisdom, I won't trade that. At 68 I'm every age I ever was. I always think of that. I'm not just 68. I'm also 55 and 21 and three. Oh, especially three."

He's so right. Like a tree, we just keep adding the rings . . . actually today I feel fat so this theory is especially fitting.

Anyway, so long 30s! Good riddance! You were fun for the most part though there were some awfully dark times between 35-38 that I'd rather forget. I embrace this brand new decade full of promise and, maybe even possibly, maturity.

My birthday gift to myself will be finding a job that gives me joy and maybe even a relationship that enhances my time on this Earth. Oh yeah, and a horse. Yes, my 9-year-old definitely needs a pony . . .


Fang Bastardson said...

Happy birthday, Heatie! Sorry we couldn't make it to the shindig. Here's looking forward to the next 40 with you.

lindy said...

having delved into the 40's a while ago i can tell you not to expect maturity anytime soon. I haven't even seen it looming on the horizon... of course that might just be me but somehow i don't think so...
how was your party? I soooooo wish i could have been there. Damn all that space in the middle of the continent! If it would just go away at least i could be california adjacent. Hope it was fun and my love for you was there even if i wasn't.