Friday, October 14, 2005

A Grand Implosion

Ah, it feels great to just sit on the porch with a nice cocktail, stretch back in the rocker and watch the show - the bigger than life, completely unavoidable red-white-blue extravaganza of Bush Administration Implosion 2005.

Where to begin? Karl Rove as CIA leakster? The colossal mishandling of Katrina? Tom DeLay and his indictment woes? The death of Social Security reform? Our spiraling national debt? The nomination of Harriet "Enigma" Miers? Oh gosh, then there's the daily, bloody mess of the Iraq war . . . the "final throes" should become obvious any day now. The latest Bushian antic - a fully rehearsed conference call with a group of agreeable military brass - is really just the extra cherry bomb in this unbelievable show of incompetence.

I fight the urge to fully celebrate his low approval rating - the American strain of mass stupidity is a slow moving cowardly beast, it can retreat anytime. At least the right wing is not mincing their words ( and Christian tantrums have begun . . . so fun!

It's the GOP centrists I'm waiting for - when will they notice exactly what their Bush loyalty has gotten them? I feel like it's the longest political strip tease in history - one flimsy piece peeling off at a time to reveal what many of us knew from the beginning: The Emperor has no clothes.

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Tworth said...

You're so right, well done but really what's so worrisome is our attention spans vis-a-vis the elections in 2006 for that is where this descent into madness must really begin to be turned around. Bush, Rove, Wolfowitz and all of these gastly traitors cant function without the Hastarts, Delays and Santorums greasing the wheels of their vision.